GENE Amsterdam is an active community. There are several committees that contribute to our success.

Please contact us if you would like to join a committee!

    Steering committee

    Michel Nivard, Wouter Peyrot, Tinca Polderman & Karin Verweij

    Research meetings committee

    Michel Nivard, Wouter Peyrot

    Website committee

    Dennis van ‘t Ent, Philip Jansen, Aysu Okbay, Wouter Peyrot, Tinca Polderman, René Pool, Lianne Reus, Dirk Smit, Jorien Treur, Karin Verweij, Margot van de Weijer, Melanie de Wit

    Organisation annual day

    Wonu Akingbuwa, Peter Henneman, Chenyang Jiang, Jorien Treur, Margot van de Weijer, Melanie de Wit

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