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Urban genetic map using Helius data by Bart Ferwerda

VU Amsterdam Amsterdam

Bart Ferwerda will present his work on making a genetic map of the modern urban society of Amsterdam using the HELIUS cohort. Bart is affiliated with the Department of Epidemiology and Data Science, Amsterdam UMC, location AMC.

GENE Amsterdam annual meeting

First annual meeting with a program that contains scientific talks of Amsterdam colleagues in the genetics field, interactive discussions, a consultation by NWO, and the launch of the GeNe Amsterdam website!

Recap annual meeting, research pitch Sjoerd van Alten


We will discuss the new ideas as proposed during the annual meeting and we'll have a research pitch by Sjoerd van Alten, affiliated with the Tinbergen institute and Dept. of Economics, Vrije Universiteit.

Talk by Felix Tropf

VU Amsterdam Amsterdam

Tuesday jan 27 Felix Tropf will give a presentation ( Location and time are not yet clear unfortunately, but if you like to attend send Michel Nivard an email!

Polygenic (risk) score analyses by Emil Euffelmann

Genetics Network Amsterdam 2022 poster winner Emil Uffelmann, will present his work on analyses of PRS-derived phenotypes. Emil is affiliated with the Complex Trait Genetics lab at the Vrije Universiteit. The meeting will be hybrid, live at the AMC (room PA3-101 in the Psychiatry building, Amsterdam UMC, location AMC ) and online via ZOOM.

Genetics of childhood mental disorders by Christel Middeldorp

Research meeting alert! March 8, 10.30, prof. Christel Middeldorp will present about her work on the genetics of childhood mental disorders. It will be an online meeting: Hope to see you all! 

Pharmacogenetics by Pierre Bet

VU Amsterdam Amsterdam

The next research meeting is April 5th (10.30-11.30). Dr. Pierre Bet will talk about Pharmacogenetics research and the current applications in the Amsterdam UMC. The meeting will be hybrid with lunch! Location NU-5A47, VU.

Jasper van Linthorst presents research meeting May 10th

The next GENE Amsterdam research meeting will be on May 10th @10.30 via zoom. Jasper van Linthorst will present his work on "Repurposing sequencing data from non-invasive prenatal testing for the use in genome-wide association studies". Jasper is affiliated with the group from Erik Sistermans at the Department of Human Genetics, Amsterdam UMC.    In addition, David […]

Genetics of cardiomyopathies by Alex Lipov


Alex Lipov will present his work on exploring the complex spectrum of dominance and recessiveness in genetic cardiomyopathies. Alex is affiliated with the Experimental Cardiology Department of Amsterdam UMC. The meeting will start 10.30 sharp, online and live (including lunch!). Location AMC, room E2-166.

Genetics Community Research on prenatal testing

The next research meeting is July 5th (10.30-11.30). Speakers are Carla van El and Karuna van der Meij of Genetics Community Research of the Amsterdam UMC. Please join us for an overview of themes and some results from research into non-invasive prenatal testing! The meeting will be online via zoom (

Research meeting: Jeanne Savage

VU Amsterdam Amsterdam

The next meeting is Thursday September 7th (13:00-14:00), both at the VU (NU-3A65) and online. Jeanne Savage will present on “Rethinking the phenotype: Strategies to address genetic heterogeneity in alcohol misuse”. Jeanne is affiliated with the department of Complex Trait Genetics at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.