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I am a PhD candidate at the department of Biological Psychology/the Netherlands Twin Register at the Vrije Universteit Amsterdam. With a background in psychology, genetics in neuroscience, and philosophy of neuroscience, I am interested in a broad range of topics and like to think about interdisciplinary approaches. My PhD project, supervised by prof. Meike Bartels, focuses on unravelling the dynamic nature of and interactions between genetic and environmental influences for human well-being. In addition, I act as a board member for the VU PhD council, which focusses on PhD candidate mental health, rights, and diversity and inclusion.

Margot van de Weijer, PhD Candidate

Department of Biological Psychology, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Amsterdam Public Health Institute

#Well-being #Mental Health #Behavior Genetics #Statistical Genetics #Biological Psychology

Key publications

  1. Van De Weijer, M. P., Baselmans, B. M., Hottenga, J. J., Dolan, C. V., Willemsen, G., & Bartels, M. (2022). Expanding the environmental scope: an environment-wide association study for mental well-being. Journal of exposure science & environmental epidemiology, 32(2), 195-204.


  1. Lambert, L., Lomas, T., van de Weijer, M. P., Passmore, H. A., Joshanloo, M., Harter, J., … & Diener, E. (2020). Towards a greater global understanding of wellbeing: A proposal for a more inclusive measure. International Journal of Wellbeing, 10(2).


  1. Van de Weijer, M., Demange, P., Pelt, D., Bartels, M., & Nivard, M. G. (2022). Disentangling potential causal effects of educational duration on well-being, and mental and physical health outcomes.


  1. Van De Weijer, M. P., Pelt, D. H., De Vries, L. P., Baselmans, B. M., & Bartels, M. (2022). A Re-evaluation of Candidate Gene Studies for Well-Being in Light of Genome-Wide Evidence. Journal of Happiness Studies, 1-23.


  1. van de Weijer, M. P., Pelt, D. H., de Vries, L. P., Huider, F., van der Zee, M. D., Helmer, Q., … & Bartels, M. (2022). Genetic and environmental influences on quality of life: The COVID‐19 pandemic as a natural experiment. Genes, Brain and Behavior, e12796.

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