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My background is in Psychology and Genes. I am currently a PhD student in Developmental Psychology at the Netherlands Autism Register (NAR) at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. My PhD project, supervised by Meike Bartels, Abdel Abdellaoui, Sander Begeer and Tinca Polderman, is focused on studying the environmental and genetic influences on wellbeing in adults with autism.

Other than research on autism and genetics , I am passionate about bringing research findings to the people that it concerns, which results in working together with people with lived experiences, focussing on effective outreach and having a strong interest in the ethics of genetic research.

Melanie de Wit, PhD candidate

Department of Clinical, Neuro- and Developmental Psychology, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Amsterdam Public Health Institute

#Autism #Behavior Genetics #Well-being #Mental Health


December 2021: Interview in ‘Autisme Magazine’ about PhD project EGAL

Key publications

  1. Wit, M. M., Begeer, S., Nivard, M. G., & Bergen, E. (2022). No effects of siblings and twin testosterone transfer on autistic traits. Jcpp Advances2(1).



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