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My work focuses on the influences of nature and nurture that contribute to individual differences in cognition, health and disease. The phenotypes that I worked on most are neurodevelopmental disorders, with a focus on Autism and ADHD, and mental health in general. My main interest is in the comorbidity between psychiatric traits (‘a disorder never comes alone’), and I believe that genetic research has great potential to identify underlying shared causal factors for comorbid problems. I encourage the translation of genetic research to stakeholders, and involve lived experience people in my research. 
Tinca J.C. Polderman, PhD

Associate Professor of Vrije Universiteit, Clinical Developmental Psychology, Amsterdam, The Netherlands | Associate Professor of Amsterdam UMC, VKC Psyche, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry & Psychosocial Care, Amsterdam, The Netherlands , Amsterdam UMC, University of Amsterdam

#Autism #ADHD #Behavior Genetics #Mental Health

Key publications

  1. Ronald A, De Bode N, Polderman TJC (2021). Systematic Review: How the ADHD polygenic risk score adds to our understanding of ADHD and associated traits. Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 60, 1234-1277.


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  1. Polderman TJC, Benyamin B, De Leeuw CA, Sullivan PF, van Bochoven A, Visscher PM & Posthuma D (2015). Meta-analysis of the heritability of human traits based on fifty years of twin studies. Nature Genetics, 47, 702-709.


  1. Hammerschlag AR, de Leeuw C, Middeldorp CM, Polderman TJC (2019). Postsynaptic, neuron projection, and brain-expressed gene sets relate to the shared genetic risk across five psychiatric disorders. Psychological Medicine, 50, 1695-1705.


  1. Jansen AG, Dieleman GC, Jansen PR, Verhulst FC, Posthuma D, Polderman TJC (2019). Associating psychiatric polygenic risk scores with neurodevelopmental disorders in a clinical child and adolescent sample. Behavior Genetics, 50, 203-212.

Media/Societal impact

In my opinion it is of critical relevance that scientific work is translated to society and stakeholders. I contribute via a variety of platforms and media, some examples listed below.

  1. Nov 2022: Interview Volkskrant about heritability of gender identity
  2. Feb 2022: Video interview at ‘Data Driven Health Care’ on mental health in children and Adolescents:
  3. Dec 2021: Interview ‘Autisme Magazine’ about EGAL research NAR
  4. Sep 2021: Participate in Firma Mes Theater: audio tour performance ‘OKSIGEN’, on family genetics
  5. Feb 2020: Interview ‘Quest’, about comorbidity ASD and ADHD, and genetic pleiotropy. ‘Dubbel pech?’
  6. Feb 2020: Interview ‘Boston Globe Sunday Magazine’ (USA) about genetic and environmental influences on child development and behavior. ‘How much influence do we really have over our kids?’
  7. Sep 2019: Interview ‘Kennislink’ about genetic architecture of human complex traits:
  8. April 2019: Radio Interview NPO 1 ‘Nieuws & Co’ about co-authored study Watanabe et al.:

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